Available for South African cellular network

SMS Relay Service

Shopkeeper Solutions CC are proud to offer an economical and simple-to-use email-to-SMS relay service that also relays SMS replies directly to the oiginal email sender's email address together with the text of the original SMS.

Unlike bulk SMS services, you do not need to open and manage your own pre-paid account or contract and each message can be uniquely compiled using a mail merge program or other CRM software. And most importantly, you can use the sms.shoso.com SMS Relay service for low volume and ad hoc messages because you only get charged at the end of the month for the SMSs that you sent.

Uses for this service include the following:


Price structure

Qty/monthPrice each (including VAT)
*5625 or moreR0.40
(missing quantity increments are free)
* Maximum 2000 per day. Quantity accumulates over a month for price.

Advice for SMS messages

Good messages are personalised and tell the recipient something that is of interest to him/her.
Bad messages are not personalised or tell the recipient that you are trying to induce him/her to spend money.
Good messages are carefully targeted to people who you are sure are interested in what you are saying or are trying to sell.
Good example: "Attn: Mr Goodmine: Ref. 6023, Replace watch glass on Roldx, is now ready. Bling Bling Jewellers, 055-555-5555"
Bad example: "Summer sale now on at Bling Bling Jewellers. 25% discount on everything. Tel: 055-555-5555"
Good Example: "Hi Mr Jonesey. Exquisite coloured diamond jewellery just arrived. Call George at Bling Bling Jewellers, 055-555-5555, to arrange a private viewing."
Another good example: "Dear Mrs Finstones, it is over two years since your jewellery was valued for insurance purposes. Free cleaning before re-appraisal. BlingBling 055-555-5555"

Please don't be guilty of sending out SMS spam.
Just keep in mind that only 160 characters can be sent in a single SMS, and only send plain text messages without HTML or attachments.

What to do if asked to STOP

SMSs sent to your customer database is cost-effective way of promoting repeat business. However there are some who find unsolicited SMS' to be annoying and will usually inform you by replying to the SMS with the word 'STOP' or a message to that effect. If you ignore such requests then the next time the request to stop may be much less polite.

For users of The Jewellery Shopkeeper all you need to do is:

1) Copy the cellphone number off the email that you receive with the request to be removed from your SMS promotion list. Select the number with the mouse and type Ctrl-C to copy it into the computer's memory.
2) In JSK go to S(ales, F(ile maintenance, B(lacklist4SMS and right-click the mouse to paste the number. Type 'Y' to confirm. If more than one occurrence of the same number exists, type 'Y' to confirm each of them.

DO NOT DELETE THE NUMBER. The blacklisting utility simply adds a lower case 'x' to the end of the number so as to make the number invalid for batch processing, for example: 27823456789x - this still allows the number to be used for notification SMSs or customer account lookup.

Important hint for JSK users

Duplicate unsolicited SMSs are extremely annoying to some. Avoid sending duplicates by U(tilities, L(etters, B(ulk messages/lists, M(ark before selecting the names to send. Then, in the selection filter, add '!D' (exclamation mark dee) to the Mail list codes. That tells JSK to exclude those marked with a D. Another benefit of this utility is that the cellphone numbers are normalised to the 11-digit standard so that you can easily find the cellphone number in the database when STOP messages are received.
"Simply love your sms facilities." - - unsolicited email message

Contact norman@shoso.co.za for more details.